Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Fantasy Golf: World Wide Technology Preview

Well it's officially that time of year when my golf game crawls across the tile floor, up the side of the bowl and does an elegant swan dive into the shitter. It's as reliable as every other hallmark of October from the "leaf rule" taking effect to the last undefeated PAC-12 team going down in flames. My interest begins to wane and the only thing getting shorter than the days is my backswing. My November 9-iron looks leerily like my July gap wedge (ok we get it).

I often wonder if people who live in warmer climates go through these seasonal cycles or if they just start sucking at random times with no warning. At least most of us up here know that we're not going to shoot our handicaps once everyone starts peddling pumpkin flavored shit. So we got that going for us. Which is meh.


Maybe a bit dark but appropriate for Halloween week and for a few of my former bosses.


There is probably something to the fact that I (a) didn't write a preview last week, (b) entered a DraftKings team anyway that included winner Seamus Power, and (c) won money. Fret not as I will continue to preview most of these tournaments as an excuse not to write something more substantial like a novel, a script or a Yelp review. Not to mention, the last time I took a break from golf and tried to write about movies and TV shows, the prevailing response was "this sucks, get back to golf." 

Viktor Hovland is both the defending champion and the last guy to win on this course before they switched it from a lower tier event to the elevated status it maintains now but is he really going to pull a Steve Stricker and hit the trifecta? I don't think so but I'm going to hedge and keep him in the equation anyway.

It's time for Aaron Wise to start racking-up some wins to go along with his rise up the rankings. The 2018 rookie of the year only has one in his career but he's showing signs of finding "it" after qualifying for the Tour Championship last year and posting solid finishes in all three 2022 majors that would have him. Prepare to see his name a lot on here until he finally wins and I can say I told you so or he fades away without further mention.

The rest of the picks were pretty much jacked from other sources along with a couple of our own gut picks in Hayden Buckley and Francesco Molinari who still has another magical run in him. Garrick Higgo gets the sleeper nod because I enjoy saying his name in my head with my old public address announcer voice . . . Garrick Heeeeegoooooo.   

One and Done Pick: Aaron Wise
This is a dramatically overthought
pick, even by our standards.

Other Guy I'd Pick: Viktor Hovland 

Sleeper Pick: Garrick Higgo

DrraftKings Top Ten Values

Viktor Hovland


Aaron Wise


Emiliano Grillo


Brendon Todd


Ty Detry


Patrick Rodgers


Justin Lower


Hayden Buckley


Francesco Molinari


Garrick Higgo


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