Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fantasy Golf: Shell Houston Open Preview

The Houston Open Favorites
Houston, we have a  . . . Never
mind Houston. We're good.

1. Jordan Spieth - 9/1
2. Jimmy Walker - 14/1
3. Patrick Reed - 16/1
4. Matt Kuchar - 16/1
5. Sergio Garcia - 25/1
6. J.B. Holmes - 25/1
7. Rickie Fowler - 25/1
8. Louis Oostuizen - 28/1
9. Phil Mickelson - 28/1
10. Lee Westwood - 30/1

The FGR Houston Open Picks

1. Jordan Spieth
2. Matt Kuchar
3. Louis Oosthuizen
4. J.B. Holmes
5. Sergio Garcia

The FGR One and Don Pick: Louis Oostuizen

The FGR Sleeper Pick: Brian Harman

It's tough to write about a tournament when 99% of your attention is looking ahead to the next one so I'm barely going to try (kind of like your picks huh?). If you pull-up the list of past Houston Open winners and runner-ups, what you see are a whole bunch of guys who can drive the piss out of the ball (technical term). Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, Stuart Appleby and Paul Casey have won there fairly recently while Bubba Watson, J.B. Holmes and Henrik Stenson have all come close. Combine that trend with the fact that they set-up the course to play like a Masters preview and we start to get a picture of what our winner is supposed to look like - a bomber with past success at Augusta. (You mean like D.A. Points in 2013? . . . forget it, he's rolling).

Matt Kuchar finished second here last year and always plays well at Augusta but we unfortunately wasted him last week. Jordan Spieth would also make sense and frankly, we might panic pull the trigger on him at the last minute but this just doesn't feel like a big enough stage. Sergio isn't playing well and we have him penciled in at the Open. Jimmy Walker just won and going back to back seems really unrealistic (and we wasted him earlier in the season). Patrick Reed is intriguing but we're just not feeling him this week. And besides, all of those guys seem a bit obvious when this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.             

So with that ill-fated mission statement in mind, let's pick a guy who is almost sure to disappoint. A guy who flashes brilliance for weeks in a row only to be derailed by phantom injuries that appear out of nowhere and then disappear just as quickly. Sure Louis Oosthuizen only played one really memorable Masters but who can forget that double eagle back in 2012? And check-out his track record in Houston . . . T10th in 2013, 3rd in 2012 and T16th in 2011 (conveniently ignoring his missed cut last year). At best he's a desperate pick with a low percentage upside. Yup. That's our man.  

Last Week's Report Card: B-
"And we're just the guys to do it."

1. Matt Kuchar - T15th
2. Zach Johnson - T20th
3. Jim Furyk - T58th
4. Jordan Spieth - 2nd
5. Jimmy Walker - 1st

One and Done Picks to Date

Hyundai: Kevin Streelman - $70,667
Sony: Chris Kirk - $42,280
Humana: Russell Knox - M/C
Phoenix Open: Hunter Mahan - $36,729
Farmers Open: Hideki Matsuyama - M/C

AT&T Pro-Am: Dustin Johnson - $281,067
Northern Trust: Jimmy Walker - $24,120
Honda Classic: Keegan Bradley - M/C
WGC-Cadillac: Bubba Watson - $540,000
Valspar Championship: Jim Furyk - $23,600
Arnold Palmer: Brooks Koepka – W/D
Texas Open: Matt Kuchar - $99,200

Season Total: $1,117,663

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fantasy Golf: The Valero Texas Open Preview

The Texas Open Favorites
We're going with an LPGA tribute
this week. Please refer to the
footnote for further explanation.

1. Jordan Spieth - 8/1
2. Dustin Johnson - 9/1
3. Jimmy Walker - 20/1
4. Jim Furyk - 20/1
5. Matt Kuchar - 22/1
6. Martin Kaymer - 25/1
7. Phil Mickelson - 28/1
8. Zach Johnson - 28/1
9. Ryan Palmer - 30/1
10. Kevin Na - 33/1

The FGR Texas Open Picks

1. Matt Kuchar
2. Zach Johnson
3. Jim Furyk
4. Jordan Spieth
5. Jimmy Walker

The One and Done Pick: Matt Kuchar

The Sleeper Pick:  Daniel Summerhays

"Do as I say, not as I do." It's the primary directive of every parent, chain-smoking doctor and well over half the members of Congress and you can now add the Fantasy Golf Report to that list as the ability to stay out of my own way has completely escaped me. Last week I ranked Henrik Stenson #1 but justified not picking him because I thought he was going to win a tournament that won't be played for another eight weeks. Instead I decided to go a bit rogue and pick Brooks "Ooh my rib, it's broken" Koepka who promptly withdrew after eleven holes on Sunday while Stenson pocketed a fat second place check (which would have been a winner's check if he hadn't putted like an over-caffeinated lumberjack).

Apparently I was the only one who didn't get the memo that Stenson was a lock as half of the forty-seven players in my one and done league picked him along with 42% of the players in the Golf Channel's fantasy golf game.* And again it should be noted that I'M THE ONE WHO WROTE THE DAMN MEMO TELLING EVERYONE TO PICK HIM!!! To quote Bill Murray from Stripes, "what the hell's the matter with you?!? Stoooopid!" But I can't dwell on that. I have to move forward and, continuing with the theme, be the great American golf forecaster that is inside of me. 

"Who cried when Tom Watson
lost the British Open?"
Of course that's not going to be easy this week as we head to a TPC course which means that any random Ben Curtis, Martin Laird or Steven Bowditch can win it (seriously, those are the last three winners). To make matters even more difficult, this tournament has only been played at TPC San Antonio since 2010 so any intel that preceded that (like Zach Johnson's back to back wins in 2008-09) is suspect. With those excuses now part of the record, I feel completely confident in advising you to pick Matt Kuchar for the following three reasons: 

(1) His last three finishes at the Texas Open are T4th, T22nd and T13th and that is about as solid and consistent a track record as you're going to find on this random result producing course; 

(2) He is a mortal lock to win at least one tournament a year and he hasn't put one on the board since the RBC Heritage last April so he's due; and 

(3) It feels like he's not quite keeping his head above water in the steadily rising talent pool of guys like Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Bubba Watson, Henrik Stenson, Jason Day, Jimmy Walker, Patrick Reed (you get the picture) so you might as well take a shot with him at a tournament where those guys either aren't in the field or might not be giving it their undivided attention.   

For our sleeper pick this week we're going with Daniel Summerhays because we love guys with names that make them sound like an evil rich kid from a John Hughes movie. If only his first name was "Blane." Beyond the name thing, Summerhays was a runner-up in San Antonio last year and recently finished T10th at the Valspar and T17th at the Honda Classic which is good enough for us. 

Now do what I do . . . and pick who I pick . . . and make me proud.     

Last Week's Report Card: B
I said refer to the footnote dammit!
(Sorry. Still have my vacation hangover 
and I'm a tad more ornery than normal).

1. Henrik Stenson - 2nd
2. Bubba Watson - W/D
3. Brooks Koepka - W/D
4. J.B. Holmes - M/C
5. Rory McIlroy - T11th

One and Done Picks to Date

Hyundai: Kevin Streelman - $70,667
Sony: Chris Kirk - $42,280
Humana: Russell Knox - M/C
Phoenix Open: Hunter Mahan - $36,729
Farmers Open: Hideki Matsuyama - M/C
AT&T Pro-Am: Dustin Johnson - $281,067
Northern Trust: Jimmy Walker - $24,120
Honda Classic: Keegan Bradley - M/C
WGC-Cadillac: Bubba Watson - $540,000
Valspar Championship: Jim Furyk - $23,600
Arnold Palmer: Brooks Koepka – W/D

Season Total: $1,018,463

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* Kudos to the Golf Channel for providing a free on-line game that actually makes sense (unlike Yahoo's) and requires at least a modicum of critical thinking (unlike PGATour.com's). My only issue is that they occasionally attach an LPGA event to it in an effort to prop-up viewership of the tournaments they show on the weekend when they get bumped-off the PGA coverage by the networks. That's fine but no one really has any clue about LPGA players so it's mostly a guessing game as opposed to the exact science proffered on this website. And that brings us to this week's FGR temptress - Sandra Gal from Dusseldorf, Germany who is currently the 48th ranked player in the world and our pick in Group 3 of the Golf Channel's game for the upcoming Kia Classic that I might actually tune in for now that I have a rooting interest. (I am such low-hanging fruit for TV marketing). 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fantasy Golf: The Arnold Palmer Preview

The Arnold Palmer Favorites
I love it when the picture
theme comes pre-made.

1. Rory McIlroy - 11/2
2. Henrik Stenson - 9/1
3. Bubba Watson - 12/1
4. Jason Day - 18/1
5. Adam Scott - 18/1
6. Rickie Fowler - 25/1
7. Hideki Matsuyama - 28/1
8. Harris English - 33/1
9. Brooks Koepka - 33/1
10. Keegan Bradley - 33/1

The FGR Top Five

1. Henrik Stenson
2. Bubba Watson
3. Brooks Koepka
4. J.B. Holmes
5. Rory McIlroy

The One and Done Pick: Brooks Koepka

The Sleeper Pick: Jason Kokrak

I promised in last week's edition of the FGR that this was going to be a weak effort as I am currently sitting in the middle of a Gulf Coast paradise on St. Patrick's Day so the distractions are many and the writing motivations are few (at least the fantasy golf writing motivations). Add in the fact that it's my half-mick wife's birthday and I am about as engaged in this process as the island maintenance guy seems to be in fixing our ice maker.*

So here it is in a nutshell. Last week's picks stunk and I even blew my sleeper pick desipte having Sean O'Hair on my radar (Jerry Kelly?). I was really tempted to get things back on track this week by going big with Henrik Stenson because he is striping it and there aren't many who stripe it more impressively than the big Swede but I have it in my head that he's going to take down another Players Championship so he has to sit. Bubba may actually be the best player in the world right now but I semi-wasted him at the WGC-Cadillac and yes, I'm still a little bitter about how he checked-out on the final nine. Jason Day and Rickie Fowler are enigmatic these days, Adam Scott seems a bit rusty, Rory is getting picked at a major and Sonja Henie's out so where does that leave us?

Well if this year's winners and list of guys who keep showing-up in the top five have taught us anything, it's that you don't necessarily have to bomb it but it sure doesn't hurt. Based on that logic, I came down to Brooks Koepka and J.B. Holmes with Koepka getting the nod based on his better all around game. Applying the same theory and running with the "K" theme, Jason Kokrak gets the sleeper spot even if he just barely qualifies for consideration (70 to 1 odds for a sleeper are somewhat borderline). And now if you'll excuse me, it's time to rev-up the golf cart and go grab one of the couple dozen Guinnesses I'm sure they imported for today's festivities before they're all gone. Sláinte!

Last Week's Report Card: C-
For her birthday, the FGW asked if I could
just include at least one picture that was
not of a hot model in a bikini. Fair enough.

1. Jim Furyk - T40th
2. Luke Donald - T53rd
3. Brandt Snedeker - T53rd
4. Kevin Na - T10th
5. Patrick Reed - T2nd

One and Done Picks to Date

Hyundai: Kevin Streelman - $70,667
Sony: Chris Kirk - $42,280
Humana: Russell Knox - M/C
Phoenix Open: Hunter Mahan - $36,729
Farmers Open: Hideki Matsuyama - M/C
AT&T Pro-Am: Dustin Johnson - $281,067
Northern Trust: Jimmy Walker - $24,120
Honda Classic: Keegan Bradley - M/C
WGC-Cadillac: Bubba Watson - $540,000
Valspar Championship: Jim Furyk - $23,600

Season Total: $1,018,463


* Nothing inspires confidence like a guy showing-up on a golf cart packing nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver to fix a major appliance and then telling you, "yup, looks like we're going to have to replace it." I didn't bother asking how long that would take though I did envision the two of us having a hearty back-slapping Bishop Pickering-Judge Smails style laugh at the notion that it would happen by the end of the week . . . "Yeah judge, that's a doozy!"

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fantasy Golf: The Valspar Championship Preview

The Valspar Favorites
Valspar makes paint. In
case you were wondering.

1. Adam Scott - 12/1
2. Jordan Spieth - 14/1
3. Henrik Stenson - 16/1
4. Jim Furyk - 20/1
5. Matt Kuchar - 22/1
6. Patrick Reed - 25/1
7. Justin Rose - 28/1
8. Luke Donald - 28/1
9. Lee Westwood - 30/1
10. Brandt Snedeker - 30/1

The FGR Valspar Picks

1. Jim Furyk
2. Luke Donald
3. Brandt Snedeker
4. Kevin Na
5. Patrick Reed

The One and Done Pick: Jim Furyk

The Sleeper Pick: Jerry Kelly

Let's look back before we look forward because, despite the fact that the Blue Monster is not everyone's favorite course,* it produced yet another close finish with five of the current top seven players in the world near the top of the leaderboard. This is the point where I have to admit that I'm a sucker for Doral based on our history together. First, there was my 1997 trip to the final round which I attended with a group of like-minded friends armed with full corporate tent perks and a mission to meet every bartender on the property. The following day we played the course from the tips and got our asses handed to us. (For a more detailed account of that story, click here). Then I returned about nine years ago for some business golf and wowed the customers by chucking my 5-iron into the lake next to the 10th hole with about half of the grace and coordination exhibited by Rory McIlroy on Friday (though I think mine went further as my toss was born more out of rage than Rory's which appeared to be a product of utter disgust).**    

Further piquing my interest last week was the fact that I had my one and done pick (Bubba Watson) and my first round draft pick (Dustin Johnson) in the mix down the stretch. I was pulling for Bubba because that $1.5M+ check would have gone a long way towards salvaging the start of my season but as soon as he made the turn on Sunday you could see him slipping into Colin Montgomerie mode and, when a lady started her Prius outside of an Applebee's in Fort Lauderdale, it apparently distracted him on the 14th tee leading to his third bogey. And that was that for Bubba. The crazy part is that we all knew he was done including Bubba himself who just started shrugging-off missed birdie chances like, "well, nothing I can do about it." The fact that he's the #2 ranked player in the world with what appears to be a WWII dogfight going on in his head is a testament to his almost supernatural ability to hit a golf ball.

Bubba's mini collapse opened the door for the guy who walks around like he's got a sorority pillow fight going on in his head and D.J. brought it home with the kind of cool under fire that you probably wouldn't expect from someone coming off a six month voluntary/mandatory sabbatical/suspension for not failing a drug test he may or may not have ever taken in the first place. (Because the PGA Tour ranks transparency right up there with free speech). Lost among all of the turmoil of Johnson's personal life is that he is one of the best players in the world with nine wins since 2008 and at least one top ten finish in a major every year since 2009. And don't forget that he's one stupid club grounding at the PGA Championship in 2010 and one bad swing at the 2011 British Open from winning two majors. Even when he must have known that he was about to get whacked at the end of last summer, he finished T8th at the PGA Championship. Did I mention that I got him with the 10th pick in my draft? Could I be counting my money at the table any louder? Could I stop writing like I'm Chandler from Friends?

And we're back. This week we head across the state for the Valspar Championship which is actually sporting a B+ field as you can see from the list of favorites. Note that I will be just a few hours south of the event visiting my in-laws in Marco Island, Florida (where you can get any table you want after 7:00 p.m.) and we all know what that means . . . next week's post is going to suck as I will almost literally be mailing it in but let's not dwell on that. Let's focus on maintaining the momentum from last week's picks. 

The problem with the Valspar is that for every predictable Jim Furyk (2010) and Luke Donald (2012) win, you have multiple wins by random guys like John Senden (2014), Kevin Streelman (2013), Retief Goosen (2009) and the golfer formerly known as Sean O'hair (2008). So what's a fantasy golf expert to do? Well this self-proclaimed fantasy golf expert is going chalk with Jim Furyk who, in addition to his 2010 win, has a T7th in 2013, a 2nd in 2012 and a T13th in 2011. He also hasn't played a bad tournament yet in 2015 with a T7th, T14th and a T12th last week at a course he had no business competing on considering his length or lack thereof. I thought about saving him for the Heritage because he's had similar success at Harbour Town but it's time to carpe diem because in vino veritas but caveat emptor (I have recently been trying to help my 8th grade son with his Latin homework and have been exposed as a complete moron. He was going to find out sooner or later).            

Last Week's Report Card: A-

1. Bubba Watson - 3rd
Really? We're teeing up
our own pictures now?
2. Dustin Johnson - 1st
3. Rory McIlroy - T9th
4. Jason Day - T31th
5. Jamie Donaldson - T44th

One and Done Total to Date

Hyundai: Kevin Streelman - $70,667
Sony: Chris Kirk - $42,280
Humana: Russell Knox - M/C
Phoenix Open: Hunter Mahan - $36,729

Farmers Open: Hideki Matsuyama - M/C
AT&T Pro-Am: Dustin Johnson - $281,067
Northern Trust: Jimmy Walker - $24,120
Honda Classic: Keegan Bradley - M/C
WGC-Cadillac: Bubba Watson - $540,000

Season Total: $994,863


* My favorite critique of the course came from the caddie for one of the best players in the world who tweeted, "Goodbye Dump International . . . what a terrible golf course!! #Bombersdelight." The tweet has since been taken down and replaced with an apology because I think we can all agree that criticizing another man's arrangement of grass, sand and water really crosses the line. Suffice it to say I have a new favorite caddie. (I didn't identify him because he obviously took some heat for his comment but I will say that he caddies for a guy who's name rhymes with "Slant Rednecker").     

**  I came really close to rinsing another club on 18 during the same round. All of the sand and water on that course really starts messing with your head after a while. They should change the name from the Blue Monster to the Flirty Prudish College Chick.  

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fantasy Golf: The WGC-Cadillac Preview

The WGC-Cadillac Odds
I don't really have a theme this week so
let's class it up a bit with an Oscars tribute.

1. Rory McIlroy - 9/2
2. Bubba Watson - 16/1
3. Jason Day - 18/1
4. Dustin Johnson - 20/1
5. Jordan Spieth - 20/1
6. Adam Scott - 20/1
7. Phil Mickelson - 25/1
8. Patrick Reed - 25/1
9. Jimmy Walker - 28/1
10. Justin Rose - 28/1

The FGR WGC-Cadillac Top Five

1. Bubba Watson
2. Dustin Johnson
3. Rory McIlroy
4. Jason Day
5. Jamie Donaldson 

The One and Done Pick: Bubba Watson

The Sleeper Pick: Thongchai Jaidee

Some tournaments have a history of producing winners that just make you go "meh" and the Honda Classic is one of them. Padraig Harrington is just the latest such "that's nice" champion to go along with Michael Thompson in 2013, Rory Sabbatini in 2011, Camilo Villegas in 2010 and Y.E. Yang in 2009. The culprit is most likely the golf course but no one would ever say that because the Champion Course at PGA National was redesigned by Jack Nicklaus and, just to make sure you knew it was redesigned by Jack Nicklaus, they named a three hole stretch the "Bear Trap" in his honor. The unfortunate byproduct of this is that every year we got an excruciating amount of air time devoted to Nicklaus in the booth with Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks* and this year a significant portion of that suck-up fest was spent with Jack acting as a shill for his new Jack Nicklaus Ice Cream (sometimes these topics just land in your lap). God love the greatest golfer of all-time but, if his lips are moving, he's probably either describing his greatness in a faux self-deprecating way or he's trying to sell you something.

Now we should give Jack Nicklaus some credit because we are led to believe that some proceeds from the sale of Jack Nicklaus Ice Cream will benefit the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation (I'm detecting a trend) which is great but you know Jack Nicklaus is getting a taste (see what I did there) before the foundation sees a dime so let's not go so far as to say that Jack Nicklaus is to philanthropy what Jack Nicklaus is to golf. And not to suggest that Jack Nicklaus and the Nicklaus Companies are a bit tone deaf, but doesn't selling ice cream to raise money for children's health seem a bit like raffling-off a Cadillac Escalade to raise money for the Rainforest Alliance? One positive according to the Nicklaus website, however, is that the ice cream is "loaded with real ingredients" (as opposed to "fake" ingredients?) which is good because I'd hate to think that those 1,000 calories per pint were coming from a cow with fake teats. (Disclaimer: I have no idea how many calories Jack Nicklaus Ice Cream will have but Ben & Jerry's has about a 1,000 calories and 60 grams per pint which the FDA officially classifies as a "shit load").

This feels quite sophisticated.
But I wildly digress. This week we move from a course designed and partly owned by one world class shill to a course partly designed and owned by THE world class shill. (Warning: it's about to get very golfy). The difference is that Donald Trump's course has been hosting arguably the best golf tournament on the planet for the past eight years when you consider that the only dud to finish in the top two during that time was Brett Wetterich (2nd in 2007).** Tiger has won it twice at Doral along with a win each for Geoff Ogilvy (when he was good), Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, Nick Watney (pre-slump), Justin Rose and Patrick Reed. Runner-ups have included Bubba Watson (twice), Dustin Johnson and Charl Schwartzel. The event benefits from having a limited field but it still sports about 70 players and has avoided having a Hennie Otto or Juvic Pagunsan sneak into the top two. 

This year's loaded line-up should provide another shiny leaderboard. You need look no further than the leaders of the World Golf Rankings*** to find the 2015 favorites because about half the players in the top twenty have had major success at Doral. We already noted Bubba's two recent second place finishes and then you have the following studs: (a) Rory McIlroy who went T10, 3rd, T8 from 2011-13, (b) Adam Scott with a T6 in 2011 and a T3 in 2013, (c) Justin Rose who won it in 2012 and backed that up with a T8 in 2013, (d) Matt Kuchar with a run of T3, 5th and T8 from 2010-12 and (e) Patrick Reed who happens to be the defending champ. I could go on but you get the picture. The winner is probably going to come from that group or it's going to be another guy who at some point on Sunday will make you say to yourself, "man I knew I should have picked him" even though you never really considered him (Martin Kaymer, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, etc.).

So who's it going to be? Well we've already used D.J. (2nd in 2011 and T4 last year) and we're thinking this could be Rory's year at Augusta so the next logical choice is Bubba and he makes a lot of sense based on his past success, how well he's played this season and the fact that he can bomb it on a course that's going to play over 7,500 yards long. As for a sleeper, we'll go deep down the odds list for Thongchai Jaidee at 100/1. He finished 2nd in the Thai One On Classic a couple of weeks ago and tied for 6th at Doral last year. And it just dawned on me that "Thong"chai could have been this week's theme but we're getting ready to roll the presses on this edition so we'll have to save that one for the WGC-Matchplay.

Last Week's Report Card: D

Yes . . . dignified even.

1. Rory McIlroy - M/C
2. Keegan Bradley - M/C
3. Justin Rose - M/C
4. Brooks Koepka - T51
5. Russell Knox - T3

One and Done Picks to Date

Hyundai: Kevin Streelman - $70,667
Sony: Chris Kirk - $42,280
Humana: Russell Knox - M/C
Phoenix Open: Hunter Mahan - $36,729
Farmers Open: Hideki Matsuyama - M/C

AT&T Pro-Am: Dustin Johnson - $281,067
Northern Trust: Jimmy Walker - $24,120
Honda Classic: Keegan Bradley - M/C

Season Total: $454,863


* Congratulations if you bet the over on the 41.5 times that Dan Hicks would say "Bear Trap." The playoff made that a slam dunk.

The Griswold's personalized
berets weren't this embarrassing.
** Wetterich wasn't really a dud at the time as he had just played in the 2006 Ryder Cup. Then again, that probably explains why the U.S. team got strafed in Ireland 18.5 to 9.5 with the murderer's row of Chad Campbell, Chris DiMarco, J.J. Henry, Vaughn Taylor, David Toms and Wetterich going a combined 0-10-8. Throw-in Phil Mickelson's 0-4-1 along with the traveling garb that made the players look like UPS drivers from 1937, and you had a complete recipe for disaster.  

*** I have made peace with the World Golf Rankings now that we've put some distance between us and the ludicrousness of Luke Donald and Lee Westwood being ranked No. 1 without ever winning a major. Now you drop all the way to 12th (Kuchar) before you find a player who hasn't won one or at least finished second. This has left the FGR with one less thing to bitch about creating quite a void so feel free to send me some new ideas. 

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