Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Fantasy Golf: Hero World Challenge Preview

Let's talk a bit of soccer, the most polarizing topic in America since they cut to black right before Tony Soprano met his demise. (Yes, that's what happened). Finally the sports gods smiled down upon the perennial underdog Americans and allowed us a slight taste of glory on the national stage. We ended the group stage undefeated and allowed but one measly penalty kick goal. It will be remembered as a success even if the Dutch wipe the floors with us on Saturday. 

But if you talk to some (rubes), it was much much bigger than that. At stake yesterday was decades of progress in this country to grow the game to a point where our youth gravitate to it with the same type of fervor previously reserved for baseball, football and launching pumpkins with catapaults. A loss or tie yesterday and that all would've evaporated. 

No more three day weekend tournaments with thousands of little kids packing Chick-fil-a's and Hampton Inns. 

No more hungover dads racked with Red Bull and coffee yelling at their 9 year old daughters to "PICK IT UP!!!" 

And no more Premier League fans gathering at pubs across the country from Poughkeepsie to Laguna Beach at the crack of dawn every Saturday and Sunday. 

Poof. Done. End of story.  

Alas, the de-Americanization of sports continues unabated and your friend who played back-up tight end in high school and went 1-6 wrestling at 182 lbs. will continue raging into the abyss while grinding his teeth over whether to start the Jaguars running back or the slot receiver for the Broncos in his flex spot. Love that guy. 


I could write ten thousand words on things soccer needs to fix but I'm not sure I could capture the ridiculous rage of goalies towards their defenders the way this guy did.


If twenty of the best golfers in the world play a tournament the same weekend of the World Cup, college football conference championships and Week 13 of the NFL, will it really happen? Well we're about to find out as everyone you'd want to see minus Rory McIroy will descend on The Bahamas for a limited field cash grab.

Jon Rahm has played here twice with a win and a runner-up. So you should probably pick him. The rest of this week's picks are based on (a) wind, and (b) Tom Kim. Enjoy it. And let me know who wins.

One and Done Pick: Jon Rahm
Jordan you have two forms of 
expression, silence and rage.

Other Guy I'd Pick: Xander Schauffele

Sleeper Pick: Tom Kim

DraftKings Top Six Values

Jon Rahm


Xander Schauffele


Matt Fitzpatrick


Tommy Fleetwood


Shane Lowry


Tom Kim


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