Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Fantasy Golf: The Quicken Loans Preview

After the season I've had so far, I'm not really in a position to gloat about the the fact that I picked Bubba to win last week and besides, gloating is not really my style (everyone who knows me just shot milk through their nose). Maybe it's a sign that things are turning around for me. Needless to say I'm due after the golf shot which shall not be named ten days ago followed by a soul crushing three set doubles tennis loss in which my partner and I cratered in the last set to go down 5-1, battled back to 5-4 on serve and then spontaneously combusted. (In one of the great understatements of all-time, my partner looked at me after the match and said "I think we're both head cases").

But let's see if we can carry last week's FGR momentum forward shall we? There will be no elaborate chart showing how players have fared at TPC Potomac at Avenel Farm in the past because this is only the second year they've played it since they redesigned it from the crappy track that no one wanted to play. If you want to go back to the results from the old Kemper Open days, then I'd highly recommend the flowing golden locks of Bill Glasson but that's not going to help you much in 2018. If you do want to see how everyone played last year, you can click here. Two comments about those results: (1) Kyle Stanley won it and (2) this is not the type of course you win on twice in a row because it's too arbitrary. (Which is a nice way of saying it still sucks).  

So who should we pick? (We're all in this together). It's not a major so you have to like Rickie Fowler (THAT WAS A CHEAP SHOT!). He finished tied for third last year closing with 68-65. Marc Leishman loves these goofy TPC courses which is ironic because he also plays well at Augusta and at the British Open. That's like saying your two favorite bands are Maroon 5 and Rage Against the Machine. The two guys I really like are Charles Howell, III and Jimmy Walker. Just a gut feeling.

As for the lower priced options, Denny McCarthy grew-up in Takoma Park, Maryland which is a dump less than twenty miles from this dump. When I asked a former local for a description of Takoma Park, the two comments I could actually use were "modest downgrade from Rikers Island" and "when I drive through Takoma Park, my heart beats like a phone book in a dryer." So Denny brings both toughness and some course knowledge. I also like Seamus Power. Primarily because I love the name Seamus Power but also because he's been playing solid golf lately . . . which is probably the more relevant fact. 

The One and Done Pick: Charles Howell, III
Two-time Kemper Open champion and
Breck shampoo spokesman Bill Glasson.

The Other Guy I'd Pick: Jimmy Walker

The Sleeper Pick: Denny McCarthy

The DraftKings Top Ten Values

Rickie Fowler
Marc Leishman
Jimmy Walker
Charles Howell, III
Kevin Tway
Andrew Putnam
Si Woo Kim
Brian Gay
Denny McCarthy
Seamus Power

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