Sunday, September 28, 2014

The FGR Week 4 NFL Picks

I spent Saturday watching the American Ryder Cup team and my kids' soccer teams sleepwalk to a series of uninspired defeats. You'd be amazed at the effect this has on your psyche as a parent but hey, at least I didn't lose my shit and go Lou Piniella like the opposing coach who was still yapping after he got run from the field by the ref who told him "you're embarrassing your kids." (I am not making this up). If my read on this clown is correct, he probably felt vindicated because his team won the game as he watched from the nearby playground where he was hiding behind a sliding board (again, not making this up). Not exactly a banner day for those of us who like to think of little league sports as something of a character building experience. Then again, the kids we're coaching are 10 and 11 years old so it's pretty cutthroat.

"You're goddamn right I'm going with
the Raiders and Jags this week!"
(Desperation, thy name is FGR).
And speaking of lackluster and uninspired, let's get some NFL picks on the board for Week 4.

Miami by 4.5 at Oakland: The Pick - Oakland
Chicago by 1 over Green Bay: The Pick - Packers
Houston by 3 over Buffalo: The Pick - Texans
Indianapolis by 7 over Tennessee: The Pick - Colts
Baltimore by 3 over Carolina: The Pick - Ravens
Detroit by 1 at N.Y. Jets: The Pick - Lions
Pittsburgh by 7.5 over Tampa Bay: The Pick - Bucs
San Diego by 13 over Jacksonville: The Pick - Jags
San Francisco by 4.5 over Philadelphia: The Pick - 49ers
Atlanta by 3 at Minnesota: The Pick - Falcons
New Orleans by 3 at Dallas: The Pick - Saints
New England by 3.5 at Kansas City: The Pick - Chiefs

Last Week: 8-8 . . . Season: 18-30.

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