Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The FGR Thursday Night Pick

Ice skating, proofreading and making small talk. These are the only things I can think of off the top of my head that I am worse at than picking golfers and football teams right now. At 4:30 last Sunday, I was 0-8 for the day. I redeemed myself a little with the Texans and the Chiefs but then took two more hits on the night games bringing my record for the week to 3-13 and my record for the season to 10-22. After picking the Ravens over the Steelers to get back to 8-9, I wrote, "we can build on that." Who knew I was building a straw hut in the middle of tornado alley?

Atlanta by 6.5 over Tampa Bay: The Pick - Falcons

Wait, did I just lay 6.5 with
the Falcons' sieve defense?
OK, let's really think about this one and see if I can at least maintain my perfect Thursday night record (baby steps). The Falcons came back to beat the Saints in week one and then lost to the Bengals on the road and there is no shame in that. Meanwhile, the Bucs lost at home to the Panthers who were without Cam Newton and then lost at home to the Rams who were being quarterbacked by a 25 year old journeyman who had to walk-on at Southern Miss in 2007 and then was drafted in the 31st round in 2012 . . . by the Red Sox (he was not picked in the NFL draft). In the 2014 version of the NFL, all of that positive mojo for the Falcons should have BUCS BUCS BUCS flashing in my head but I just don't think they have enough offense. (If you've been paying attention, that should be a signal to start your Bucs in fantasy football).

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