Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The FGR Thursday Night Pick

Does anyone know what happened to Bill Simmons' NFL picks last week? Oh that's right, he was suspended by ESPN for saying what the rest of their talking heads had been implying for weeks - that Roger Goodell lied about seeing the Ray Rice video before the rest of us did. (I'm almost ready to let it go . . . but not quite yet). Let's sgo ahead queeze in the Thursday night pick before we get on to the inevitable Ryder Cup Post Mortem which is coming tomorrow.

Green Bay by 9 over Minnesota: The Pick - Packers

In fairness to Rodgers, there was
also a new off-field distraction that
probably took some adjusting to.
I'm prepared to give the Packers a pass on their middling start because they've already had to play at Seattle, Detroit and Chicago so we should have expected that they were going to go somewhere between 2-1 and 1-2 in those games anyway. Now they get a home night game against an opponent that will rely heavily on a scrawny rookie quarterback with a bum wheel. I know that 9 is a big number but I feel like Aaron Rodgers is finding his groove and I smell chum in the water (and it's gross).

Last Week's Record: 8-5 . . . Season Record: 26-35. 


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