Sunday, February 11, 2024

The FGR's Super Bowl Preview

Let's go ahead and get this out of the way. I want Travis Kelce to catch four touchdown passes including the game winner in overtime as Jim Nantz exclaims "LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!!" Then I hope he proposes to Taylor Swift after the game in the middle of the field by offering her a ring with one hand and the MVP trophy with the other because "I couldn't have done this without you . . . it's a love story, baby . . . just say 'yes.'" 

I'm firmly in the Charles Barkley camp on this one and I'm actually grateful that the haters have given me a reason to care even one iota about who wins this game.  


As a website that literally promotes gambling, I am clearly complicit in helping to clear the path that is but the most recent to accelerate our intentional march towards the demise of modern civilization. Fitting that I make this observation as I feature a post from a website owned by an evil mastermind who is using it to sow fear and hate in an apparent effort to hasten that march. What a time to be alive. 


As my 3-7 playoff record would indicate, I've been wrong a lot more than I've been right over the last five weeks but I committed to see this thing through to the end which is as good a reason as any to finish something. I suppose.   

The Chiefs arrive fresh off winning back-to-back road games in hostile environments against two of the best teams in football. In both cases, they thoroughly out-coached their opponents almost to a Jedi mind-trick level by getting them to abandon their strengths and try to win with their weaknesses which would be too absurd to believe if we didn't just watch it happen. (In a related story, I was discussing the Ravens debacle with three guys after golf on Friday and we all noted that it was the first time any of us felt recovered enough to talk about it on even a surface level).

Meanwhile, the 49ers were eking out wins at home against supposedly lesser opponents thanks in large part to receiving more gifts than a mafia bride as Kyle Shanahan was outsmarted by Matt LaFleur and Dan Campbell. Maybe one of them will evolve into Andy Reid/Steve Spaguolo someday but they ain't even close yet.

So on one side you've got Brock Purdy against the best defensive coordinator since Dick LeBeau (yes that was painful to write) and on the other you have one of the five greatest quarterbacks in NFL history playing his fourth Super Bowl in five years? And the second guy is getting the points and playing for the side of love, joy and hope? I mean I'd bet the Chiefs even if those weren't the nicknames of my three fairway woods.    

San Francisco by 2 over Kansas City: The Pick - Chiefs

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