Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Fantasy Golf: The Mexico Open Preview

I just had a typically awesome experience at CVS that would probably only rate about a 3 out of 10 on their shitty service scale with a "1" being you actually get your prescription after a short wait but it's delivered to you by a pharmacist who appears to have eaten a bad taco for lunch. A "10" is it's Friday at 5:30 p.m., your kid is sick, the line is an hour long and, when you finally get to the counter, the pharmacist who is now more miserable than the guy working "Lost and Found" at LaGuardia Airport tells you that your insurance that worked yesterday doesn't work today and, once you work that out, the prescription they told you was ready isn't ready anyway and they're out of it. 

Like I said, today was just around a "3" which is there are six people in line on a Wednesday morning and, after waiting 15 minutes while watching them process exactly zero customers, you say "fuck this" just loud enough for them to hear and bail. The good news is that no one cares and it will only get worse. If there's one thing this country actually sucks at more than developing men's soccer players, it's delivering healthcare.

While we're grousing, here are a few golf related items:   
  • Jordan Spieth was disqualified last week for signing an incorrect scorecard which of course led to an outcry (because what doesn't) that they need to change the rule. A professional golfer can describe every shot he hit after the round including the club, conditions and thought process. They know exactly what their score was and, if they can't look at a piece of paper and verify that after the round, then fuck 'em.
  • If you've ever heard me describe my shanked 8-iron in the 2018 BCC member-guest playoff and wondered what it looked like, here you go. It's almost uncanny . . . downhill into some trees on the right. Thanks for that trip down memory lane Tiger.
  • I had Hideki Matsuyama in my top ten last week along with Will Zalatoris (T2), Harris English (7th), Jason Day (9th), Cameron Young (T16) and Max Homa (T16). Would've made a nice six man roster . . . would've. Pfffft. 


I have never met anyone who doesn't agree with Chuck on this and yet Skip Bayless is still inflicted on us like Tesla drivers and guys who talk on their phones at the gym.


We've had a nice run of strong fields but that ends this week as we pretty much get Tony Finau and a bunch of guys you probably wouldn't recognize unless they were walking next to guys carrying golf bags with their names on them. If Cameron Tringale hadn't left to be the 27th ranked player on some exhibition tour, he'd probably run you about $10,000 on DraftKings and since we've yet to find a replacement for him, we'll still call it the Tringale Rule for field strength evaluation. 

This is the third year of this event at Vidanta so we don't have much intel other than: (a) Tony Finau has never finished worse than 2nd; and (b) Brandon Wu has never finished worse than 3rd. The rest of the picks are pretty hunchy except for Doug Ghim who came to me in a dream and promised to eventually reward my faith in him. At least I think it was Doug Ghim. I guess we'll find out. 

One and Done Pick: Tony Finau
Not much leeway with this pick.
Just how I like it sometimes.

Other Guy I'd Pick: Nicolai Hojgaard

Sleeper Pick: Harry Hall

DraftKings Top Ten Values

Tony Finau


Erik Van Rooyen


Brandon Wu


Mark Hubbard


Doug Ghim


Maverick McNealy


Carson Young


J.J. Spaun


Dylan Wu


Harry Hall


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