Thursday, December 6, 2018

The FGR's Thursday Night NFL Pick

I'm not picking the fucking Thursday night game anymore. It's not even a real game, especially this week when we get our annual primetime match-up between the Titans and the Jags. You think I'm joking? This will be the fourth time in five years this has been a Thursday night game and the irony is that they skipped it last year when the stars aligned, every butterfly in the world stopped beating its wings for the same nanosecond and these two teams were actually respectable at the same time. The city of Jacksonville will be at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean by the time that happens again. Of course it won't matter because the Jags will be playing in London which will consist of nothing more than a floating Wembley Stadium and part of a big dumb Ferris wheel sticking out of the water.  

We're taking a break from
the RBG tribute this week.
Now these two monuments to mediocrity are back to having a combined record of 10-14, Blake Bortles has been benched and we have no idea whether we're going to get the Marcus Mariota who went 16-24 for 228 yards and 2 touchdowns to blow-out the Patriots or the one who went 10-13 for 85 yards and an interception to get blown-out by the Colts. Titans fans must feel like they're married to a schizophrenic alcoholic who may secretly have an identical twin brother who is also a schizophrenic alcoholic. Hey look, I just kind of invented a reason to watch this game (like I needed it). This also buys me some time to finish picking the other games which is (ahem) a work in progress.     

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