Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Thursday Night Pick

Not even a caption, just
a gratuitous picture.
This is the best Thursday night game we've had in about two months so it deserves much more than the short shrift it's going to receive here but the latest update to the FGR Rankings has spiraled out of control and is literally sucking energy from every other aspect of my life like the command module in Apollo 13 trying to generate enough power for re-entry. If I don't post it by Wednesday morning, you can assume that the FGW has had me committed because if it goes beyond that, I'm checking myself in for a couple volts to the temples. Hell, it worked for Carrie Mathison on Homeland. (Oh wait, no it didn't . . . never mind).

Atlanta by 3.5 over New Orleans: The Pick - Saints

I'd like to see this line a little higher with the game in Atlanta but a dome is a dome and the Falcons still haven't had a convincing performance this season. On the other hand, when I said that last week's game against the 49ers felt like one of those times where Drew Brees was going to get "freaky," I meant "freaky" good, not throwing two pick 6's "freaky." The Falcons' D is not the Niners' D, however, as evidenced by the over/under of 56 for this game. If you're offering me 3.5 points and Drew Brees in a domed shootout, I'll take it.

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