Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Thanksgiving Day Picks

So I got after it a bit tonight (brace yourself for my Ron Burgundy moment) but the rallying cry of the FGR as always is that "the picks must go out" even when typing seems really really complicated so here we go.

Houston by 3 over Detroit: The Pick - Texans
"Yay we're playing a a team that
doesn't even have cheerleaders." 

We'll give the Texans a pass on that close call against the Jags because Chad Henne played out of his mind and someone reminded them that they took Justin Blackmon 5th overall in the draft so maybe they should toss a couple of balls his way (before he gets bored and starts doing shots at halftime). Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford is starting to look like Brett Favre without the mobility and toughness which is just enough to put you on the playoff bubble every year. Throw in the fact that the Lions get their asses handed to themselves every year on Thanksgiving and we'll give the points.

Dallas by 3 over Washington: The Pick - Cowboys

A little over 35 years ago I was forced to become a Cowboys fan on Thanksgiving day because, even at that young age, I found Redskin fans to be so annoying that I had to go the other way. Not to mention, RG, III is still a one man band and Dallas needs this win to keep their fans' misguided playoff hopes alive.    

New England by 7 over the N.Y. Jets: The Pick - Patriots
"Hello. My uniform is very
cheesy and you should not
bet on the team I cheer for."

I love Peter King but when you crank-out 25 pages per week, you are bound to write something ludicrous* like, "no one can stop the Patriots." No one? Let's break this down firstly and secondly style. Firstly, they haven't played a good defense since Seattle held them to 23 points and won. Secondly, the Patriots always reel off a bunch of high scoring games against crappy teams at this point in the season causing everyone to believe that they simply have too many weapons to be stopped (Danny Woodhead? Really?). Then they run into a defense in the playoffs like the Jets, Giants or Ravens that pounds Tom Brady and they get shut down. We'll see how good they are when they host the Texans and the 49ers in a few weeks. For now, let them keep rolling-up the score like the pricks they are until they get punched in the mouth. With that being said, the Jets are a joke. 

Happy Thanksgiving.


* I will be the first to admit that my "Stupid Things Per Page Ratio" greatly exceeds that of Mr. King.

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