Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mailing in The Thursday Night Pick

I'm ready to start boycotting these Thursday night games to protest their lousiness and the burden they're placing on me to write something meaningful about a game that matters more to the fantasy owners of C.J. Spiller than it does to the fans of the teams actually playing. At least we get a reprieve from this stink-fest next week with the Saints at the Falcons followed by the Broncos next step to 12-4 against the Raiders before we closeout the Thursday night schedule with Andy Reid's mercifully third to last game as coach of the Eagles.*

Buffalo by 1.5 over Miami: The Pick - Bills

Reason no. 112 why
the Bills perennially
suck. . . turtlenecks.
When in doubt on Thursday night, take the home team. Especially when it's going to be 37 degrees at kick-off and they're playing a team from Miami that just got its ass handed to it by the Tennessee Titans at home. And since I have nothing else smarmy to say about this game, let's just post the requisite cheerleader shot and get out of here.


* It's gotten to the point that it's not just Eagles fans suffering, it's all of us. What possible reason could there be for Reid to continue coaching this team other than the owner really digs him in his one-piece snowsuit? (I mock Andy Reid now but, as a Ravens fan, I want no part of him coaching the Browns as that fusion of failure may actually somehow yield success).

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