Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Goods

Practice makes perfect.  
Tough week to get any mojo going on the FGR after a slew of missed putts proved costly at the Member-Member last weekend (enhanced by me nearly biting my partner's head off when he dared to suggest that maybe my alignment was a little off - always great when you compound poor play by being an a-hole) and then the Ravens went out of their way to silence all of the NFL critics who say that the rules have been slanted too far in favor of the offenses.  No first downs in the first half is the kind of stat you hear from a high school game right before they tell you the final score of 62-0 (eight touchdowns and three safeties).
It was so bad that at halftime we had an honest debate about whether we should switch over to the World Series and watch the Ravens game during the commercials…and this was in a room full of people who begrudgingly take their kids to one Orioles game a year just to answer the question, "what do they play in that stadium over there dad?"  (There may never have been a two sports town with such an extreme polarization of fandom.  When you meet someone who still goes to more than two Oriole games per year and actually watches others on TV, it's kind of a quirky novelty, like meeting someone who calls dinner "supper" and wears a cape).        

Enough grousing.  Let's check back in on golf where Luke Donald made a late push for player of the year by winning the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic this weekend with an impressive string of 6 birdies to start the back nine on Sunday.  According to’s Helen Ross (who was apparently recruited from a greeting card company):  “Between glasses of his vintage wine, Donald found time to put things in perspective as he tweeted: ‘Wow! What a day, it's nice to come up with the goods when I needed them most. That's why I play this game.’”    

"I dare them to say
I'm not clutch now."
Really Luke?  You came up with the goods when you needed them most?   You lost the Masters by four strokes and the PGA Championship by five and you needed “the goods” most at an October tournament where over half the players who made the cut were outside the Top 100 on the money list and a guy in a Donald Duck costume handed you the trophy?  That would be the equivalent of me losing the club championship by four strokes then winning the company golf outing scramble/mulligan fest two months later and telling my wife over an $8 bottle of wine "Wow!  What a day, it's nice to come up with the goods when I needed them most" at which point she would correctly remind me that I'm a jackass.       

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