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Fantasy Golf: CJ Cup Byron Nelson Preview

Four days and three nights in New Orleans left a bit of a mark that will be reflected in the scarcity of words used to preview this week's golf tournament. I will, however, have no scarcity of words about the weekend. 

Friday was one of those days that could only happen in the Big Easy. With some time to spare at Jazz Fest and, in search of some shade, we meandered into the Expedia Cultural Exchange Tent and discovered Los Cumbia Stars of whom I may now become a devoted follower if not a roadie. Just need someone to translate their website so I know where to find them. In all seriousness, they were somehow more fun than you would expect a nine piece Columbian band to be.

After watching The Revivalists and The Killers exceed all expectations and then checking into the Gospel Tent for a quick dose of salvation, we grabbed some dinner before diving into the vortex that is the French Quarter. Between the festival, the PGA Tour being in town and the Pelicans hosting a playoff game the following night, the joint was positively jumping. 

Having no logical starting point, we started at Boot Scootin Rodeo because we all know how much I love myself some country AND western music (eye roll emoji). Not to mention, Boot Scootin will always hold a special place in my heart as it's where I left my credit card around this time last year and, in what felt like a brief sign of hope for a dying civilization, they mailed it back to me. 

Speaking of dying civilizations, our next stop was a courtyard dance club where we got to see two stumbling young punks in matching University of Tennessee polos and hats collide with a guy trying to cut some rug with his lady. The guy and one of the kids went down in a heap at which point he quite justifiably unleashed a flurry of blows before security pulled him off. Not one to let a fellow dancing man stand falsely accused, I stepped-in, mounted an impromptu defense, got paid with a handshake and headed back out into the fray with a dangerous sense of pride and accomplishment.

We had a few more misadventures that included asking a stranger to get us one of the weird drinks he was ordering (which he did) before telling us he could hire us and we'd make $250K per month. Despite the obvious appeal of spending the rest of our lives in a state of terror a la Marty and Wendy Byrde, we turned it down. We then spent a few minutes living-out the Dexter Lake Club scene from Animal House at which point we decided it would be wise to call it a night.

You don't so much leave Bourbon Street as you gratefully escape it. We decided to walk a couple blocks off the main drag to find a good pickup spot and that's where we discovered a nice quiet saloon with a very friendly bartender. Never bothered to look at the sign on our way in which said "Rawhide Lounge" and not sure we would've gathered the implications of it anyway. It wasn't until the Uber was just about to arrive that we were like "wait a minute . . ." Not saying we won't be back. In fact, I'm pretty sure we will.   


It's not gold Jerry . . . 


This tournament was always a crapshoot and then they went and moved it to a goofy TPC course in the middle of the planned community of Craig Ranch which I still think is a cult as described here three years ago. Since then, your winners have been Aaron Wise, Sung Kang, K.H. Lee (twice) and Jason Day. I am literally betting $5 this week because I have (a) no faith in these picks, and (b) no money left.

Si Woo Kim is 11 for 11 on cuts made this season and was runner-up to Day last year so he seems like a logical choice. I also have high hopes for Ben An, Stephan Jaeger and Seamus Power who finished T11, T14 and T19 respectively. Other than that, you're kind of on your own.     

One and Done Pick: Si Woo Kim
Don't you shush me!
I see you Si Woo.

Other Guy I'd Pick: Stephan Jaeger

Sleeper Pick: Matti Schmid

DraftKings Top Ten Values

Si Woo Kim


Byeong Hun An


Stephan Jaeger


Adam Schenk


K.H. Lee


Mark Hubbard


Seamus Power


Sam Stevens


Matti Schmid


Ben Martin


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