Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Fantasy Golf: The Fortinet Championship Preview

In the movie The Cooler, William H. Macy plays a guy who radiates such a level of negative energy that a casino actually pays him to stand next to players on winning streaks to kill their mojo. Alec Baldwin plays the casino manager in true over the top Alec Baldwin fashion and Maria Bello is awesome as usual. It's worth a hundred minutes of your time between T.V. show binges but it's dark so don't watch it after a Breaking Bad or Handmaid's Tale or you might find yourself t-boning a Tesla in a Trader Joe's parking lot just to unload.    

Anyway, at some point around the first of July, I turned into the opposite of William H. Macy's character and it has continued to linger. (As best as I can tell, it was caused by the conjunction of Venus, Mars and Rickie Fowler's win in Detroit). Just today for example, the Orioles own the best record in the American League, my friend's racehorse won and my boss rolled-up to the office in a Bentley that would make 50 Cent go "hmmm . . . too much." It's like everything I touch turns to gold . . . for someone else.  

I'm sure this worm will turn as it always does but we're coming-off a Xander Schauffele runner-up pick at the Tour Championship so the streak is technically still alive. Let's see if we can keep it going this week but first . . . 


I originally wrote this on Monday afternoon before Aaron Rodgers sustained a season-ending injury and I was going to switch it up out of some momentary misplaced feeling of sympathy but then I remembered how much I can't stand him.

My 16 year old daughter and I have been watching Hard Knocks together (because I raised her right) and, as Aaron Rodgers has been doing everything necessary to get his new coaches and teammates to fall for his con, I've made it clear to her what I think of him. Being a relatively new human, she didn't think anything was amiss with his behavior until one scene where he laid-on the "hey check out how cool I am before I stab you in the back" bullshit so thick you could smell it at which point she said, "ok now I see it." 

Wish I could remember exactly which scene it was but there were so many of them. Barf.   


I have no idea who's going to play well this week. Max Homa is the two-time defending champion but before him it was Stewart Cink, Cameron Champ and Kevin Tway. I defy you to draw a line of logic through those three winners. Believe me I tried. 

I'm lightly recommending Homa this week per the Steve Stricker Deere Run Theory but I have to believe that he and Justin Thomas have their minds on Rome at this point. So we're probably looking at a winner from a tier or two down and Sahith Theegala's time is coming so let's make it now. 

I'm also getting strong Doug Ghim vibes. He's been on a sneaky solid run since May and guys who were that good in college often find it right around the five year mark on tour. I just made that up after being inspired by a weekend of listening to football announcers say whatever stupid shit popped into their heads. (The winner hands-down was the announcer in the Tulane game who, when they were down by 10 with about 4 minutes left, said, "they just need to get points on this drive" . . . fucking shoot me).  

One and Done Pick: Sahith Theegala
"Hey you guys playing cards?"

Other Guy I'd Pick: Andrew Putnam

Sleeper Pick: Joel Dahmen

DraftKings Top Ten Values

Max Homa


Sahith Theegala


Andrew Putnam


Alex Noren


Justin Suh


Taylor Montgomery


Doug Ghim


Mackenzie Hughes


Martin Laird


Joel Dahmen


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