Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Fantasy Golf: The ZOZO Championship Preview

It's a very light week as the primary (if not sole) purpose of this post is to keep the current writing streak alive. I did have a magical Monday as I found myself on one of those charity golf teams that was making all of the obnoxious noise and not because they just got to witness their first birdie after a lifetime of never breaking 120. Always fun to be the cause of the murmurs at the awards ceremony. 

Then I went home and watched the combination of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce (who I drafted 1-2 because they were the only guys I recognized) erase like a 58 point deficit for my fantasy team. And by "watched" I mean passed-out by halftime and woke-up to discover that it had happened. Stealing joy from Tuesday to double-down on Monday may be the biggest "seemed like a good idea at the time" scenario ever.    


Hey don't get so caught-up in checking your kids' Halloween candy for fentanyl that you miss other potential threats . . . 


We continue to grind our way through the fall stretch experiencing moderate success even if we did ignore the evidence on Tom Kim last week and watched it cost us. Did we learn anything? Hell no. We're passing on him again this week.

We're going all FGR favorites instead. Everyone from Xander Schauffele and Tommy Fleetwood to Kevin Streelman and Russell Knox. And for the sleeper, we like Hayden Buckley because he sounds like the bad guy from one of our most recent favorite shows (Warrior) that apparently no one ever watched but I dare you to stay away after enjoying this trailer

Anyway, not the most scientific approach but come on, science is so 2018. These days the key to success is following your instincts, hunches and articles from that someone shared on Facebook.

Since the fall season doesn't 
really count, we just couldn't
pass-up a bonus Xander pick.
One and Done Pick: Xander Schauffele

Other Guy I'd Pick: Tommy Fleetwood 

Sleeper Pick: Hayden Buckley

DraftKings Top Ten Values

Xander Schauffele


Cameron Young


Tommy Fleetwood


Si Woo Kim


Tom Hoge


Sebastian Munoz


Emiliano Grillo


Kevin Streelman


Russell Knox


Hayden Buckley


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