Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fantasy Golf: The OHL Classic Preview

Let's go ahead and get the excuses out of the way for why this week's preview is late and lame:

1. I hate golf right now. Actually "hate" might not be the right word. Loathe, despise and abhor would be more appropriate after I suffered one of the worst beats of my illustrious country club career last Friday. I'm not ready to talk about it in any detail right now but let's just say that I blew the chance to win a tournament that would have made be the envy of like seven people (ok maybe more like three). 

2. I just got a new laptop and there's something weird about the keyboard. It's like the keys are shifted one spot to the left so I'm wearing-out the backspace button making corrections only the backspace button isn't where it's supposed to be so half the time I'm hitting the goddamn number lock button and I'm about to THROW THIS FUCKING THING THROUGH THE WALL!!! (Caps lock is apparently right where it's supposed to be).

3. Tuesday night is when roughly 72% of the FGR writing magic happens and this week I had to spend it drafting my ten year old daughter's rec league basketball team. This is one of those parenting experiences for which nothing prepares you because no matter how mellow you tell yourself you have to be going in, it always gets weird at some point thanks to a combination of three recurring characters: (1) Dad who has actually done advance scouting because winning this league will be the crowning achievement of his adult life; (2) Edgy mom who is convinced that all of the dads in the room are conspiring against her and therefore turns every discussion into a pre-fight trash talk scene from Kill Bill: Vol. 1; and (3) Dad who got talked into doing this because the league needed one more coach and then proceeds to get bitter about being run over by glory dad, tiger mom and frankly the rest of us. You know when I'm one of the calming influences in the room, you've found yourself in a truly toxic environment.

Now let's make some golf picks. As usual with the fall tournaments, these are not guaranteed.

The One and Done Pick: Pat Perez
A search for "Pat Perez wife" makes it
clear that they've got this whole pro
golfer lifestyle pretty well figured-out.

The DraftKings Top Ten Value Picks

Pat Perez
Chesson Hadley
Charley Hoffman
Whee Kim
Luke List
Kevin Streelman
Emiliano Grillo
Brian Stuard
Patton Kizzire
Beau Hossler

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