Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fantasy Golf: The BMW Championship Preview

We had a great moment in dumbass FGR history this past weekend when I had the opportunity to meet a current tour player of whom I am a moderate fan meaning I root for him as much as any current athlete (which ain't much) but he doesn't approach the past admiration I had for guys like George Gervin, Roger Staubach and John McEnroe (who taught me everything I know about competitive decorum). The player in question won in 2016 before taking a bit of a step back this season. He did not qualify for the FedEx Cup playoffs and has therefore been off since the Wyndham Championship. So how did I choose to structure my brief interaction with him? Like this.

Me: So do you have any plans for the offseason . . . playing any fun events?

Player: (Awkward pause) ... I'm taking a golf trip with some buddies. That should be fun.

Me: Where you headed? 

Player: (Is this loser going to show-up there?) . . . A course in New Jersey.

Me: (Why didn't he tell me which course?) . . . Cool.

Now to the non golf enthusiast, this exchange would seem relatively benign but allow me to shred myself as I would if I had just overheard this instead of being the reason it happened. First, there really isn't an offseason in golf as the tournaments now go deep into November. You'd think the writer of something called the Fantasy Golf Report might know that. Second, they don't really play "fun" events like the Skins Game and the Shark Shootout anymore and, if they did, a guy who didn't make the playoffs probably wouldn't be invited. On those points alone, I was a total and complete rube.

"So do you like um hit
a 7-iron sometimes?"
The true essence of my idiocy can, however, be found in the fact that I asked a player who missed the playoffs how he's going to spend his downtime. You know, while he's not eligible to compete and make money at his job as he ponders the handful of shots this year that may have cost him a spot in the top 125. Chris Farley was more cerebral composed interviewing Jeff Daniels for chrissakes. Oh and to top it all off, I was wearing a goofy tie with golf balls on it. The only things missing were spikeless golf shoes and the theme song from Curb Your Enthusiasm

I'm surprised he didn't ask me if I had gotten separated from my parents or whomever else was supposed to be looking after me. The lesson as always, I'm an idiot and, on that note, allow me to recommend some players for you to bet money on this week.        

The BMW Championship returns to Conway Farms after a year off and the last time they played it there Jason Day won with Rickie Fowler, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Hideki Matsuyama and Henrik Stenson finishing in the top 10. Prior to that, Conway Farms hosted in 2013 with Zach Johnson winning, Day finishing T4th and a host of other quality players finding the top ten so the course is legit and should reward talent, something we have in abundance right now.

I fully expect Jordan Spieth to be at or near the top of the leaderboard along with D.J. and J.T. and the clown from IT (and I don't mean the guy in my office who programs the server . . . whatever that means). Then there are at least forty other players who could finish top ten without drawing any special attention. On the list of odds, I figure you've got to go all the way down to Chez Reavie at 150 to 1 before you get really skeptical. (I'd have a lot more respect for his game if his parents could have decided between "Chaz" and "Dez" instead of splitting the difference when they absolutely should have named him "Stevie"). 

I'm banking on Spieth finally closing the deal this week and a brief Jason day resurgence based on course history. Paul Casey is a top ten lock these days and the next seven on the list are value plays because value is universally loved by all like homemade chocolate chip cookies and Ted Cruz liking a porn video on Twitter. There really isn't another side to those debates and, if you tell me there is, then you can just go straight to hell. With Ted.

Who would've guessed that Ted Cruz
would be the best thing that happened
to Cory Chase's acting career?
One and Done Pick: Louis Oosthuizen*

DraftKings Top Ten Values

Jordan Spieth
Jason Day
Paul Casey
Henrik Stenson
Matt Kuchar
Marc Leishman
Daniel Berger
Kevin Kisner
Brian Harman
Xander Schauffele


* Suffice it to say that I'm flailing as I've run out of viable one and done options.

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