Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Fantasy Golf: The John Deere Classic Preview

So this week's official strategy is to go with Steve Stricker, Zach Johnson and Brian Harman who have owned this track in the past along with a bunch of other guys who have recently failed me in the hopes that the law of averages takes effect (I'm looking at you Bud Cauley, Ben Martin and Kevin Tway). You know, however, that we're staring straight down the mower blades of another leaderboard stacked with marquee players like Rick "Rack of" Lamb, Andrew "Traffic Jam on the Outer" Loupe and Tyrone Van "Kiss My Hairy" Aswegen so gamble at your own risk.

My somewhat sincere apologies for the back-to-back half assed previews but I'm going to make up for it soon because I think I wrote something entertaining that should be posted by Thursday. Well I know I wrote something. Just not sure yet about the entertaining part. I'll tease it by saying that it involves George Costanza, me almost blacking-out and a big babbling bald guy in the emergency room sporting a gaping head wound.     

One and Done Pick: Steve Stricker
A "John Deere" search actually turns-up
a wealth of material but this picture is a
tradition and we don't mess with tradition.

The DraftKings Top Ten Values

Brian Harman
Steve Stricker
Zach Johnson
Bud Cauley
Ben Martin
Kevin Tway
Ryan Blaum
Curtis Luck
Brian Gay
Rickey Barnes

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