Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The FGR Week 14 Thursday Night Pick

Houston by 3 at Jacksonville: The Pick - Jaguars

I thought I told you to take
Pour Some Sugar on Me off
of the halftime playlist!
This game lost whatever limited intrigue it had when the Jags started winning games and elevated themselves to only about the 4th or 5th worst team in the league. An 0-16 watch in Week 14 actually would have been kind of entertaining. To make matters worse, it may feature the worst fantasy football quarterback match-up of the weekend with Case Keenum squaring-off against Chad Henne.* The only guys with any real interest in tonight's outcome are Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel and Derek Carr because two of them are almost surely going to be playing in Houston and Jacksonville next season.** Poor bastards.


* The sad part is that there may be a worse match-up in New York where Geno "Which Jerseys are We Wearing Again Today" Smith is up against Matt "Don't Call Me 'Pat'" McGloin. has Keenum ranked 23rd, McGloin 26th with Henne and Smith unrated because the list only goes to 26. I'm going to give the nod to the McGloin-Smith match-up because, according to ESPN's QBR formula, Geno has a "QB PAR" of -3.8 which, if I'm reading it correctly, means that he has contributed -3.6 points more than "a quarterback who plays very rarely and is on the fringe of the NFL" a/k/a Blaine Gabbert.  

** Remember the last time the Texans picked that high and smartly resisted the urge to take Vince Young? Are they going to be able to do that again with Manziel? Can you imagine if they do and then the Jags take Manziel and he turns-out to be Russell Wilson 2.0 and he haunts the division rival Texans for the next 12 years and I use the word "and" seven more times in this sentence?

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