Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Fantasy Golf Report Thursday Night Pick

Carolina by 6.5 at Tampa Bay: The Pick - Panthers

This pose pretty much sums-up the
Schiano era. Please pass the Charmin.
You just can't pick the Bucs right now regardless of the points unless they're playing the Jags. (Too bad they don't meet this year because a Jags-Bucs game in front of 2,000 people in a torrential downpour would be highly entertaining . . . for about three minutes). Here's a fun stat. No team from the state of Florida has won a game since the Dolphins beat the Falcons over a month ago. Just another reason why it's more fun to go watch your favorite team play in the Sunshine State. Well that and the Waffle Houses. Mmmmm . . . chocolate chip waffles with a side of hashbrowns smothered in melted cheese. Can I get an angioplasty with that?

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