Thursday, September 19, 2013

The FGR Thursday Night Pick

Philadelphia by 3 over Kansas City: The Pick - Chiefs

Holy something to prove game. We've got Andy Reid returning to Philly, Alex Smith trying to lead his new team to 3-0, Chip Kelly trying to prove that he's not just a less entertaining version of Steve Spurrier and Riley Cooper/Cary Williams trying to show that we all can in fact just get along (actually, I don't think Cary Williams cares whether we get along or not). As for the match-up tonight, here is what we know after two games: (1) the Eagles defense is suspect and (2) the Chiefs look like at least a 9-7 team that is going to be in every game thanks to Smith's efficiency and a solid defense. We also know that when Andy Reid gives a crap (unlike his last two years in Philly), he is probably one of the seven or eight best coaches in football.* I'm taking the tortoise and the points over the hare in this one.


"I take great umbrage with
your insinuation sir."
* I would put both Harbaugh brothers, Sean Payton, Mike McCarthy, John Fox, Tom Coughlin and Mike Tomlin ahead of Reid. Notice I didn't have Bill Belichick in there. I think it's becoming clear that there were about a dozen coaches who could have won with Tom Brady. Since 2005, the Patriots' season has ended with losses to the following coaches: Coughlin (2), John Harbaugh (2), Rex Ryan, Tony Dungy and Mike Shanahan. That includes three home playoff losses in the last four years. The only people who still think Belichick is a top five coach pronounce it "chowdah."     

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