Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fantasy Golf: The Colonial Preview

Cranking-out a very low budget preview this week as we're devoting most of our energy to tomorrow's recap of the FGR's eventful Preakness debut last Saturday. For this week's artwork, in honor of the number six horse (Oxbow) we will honor number six on Maxim's recently released Hot 100 List for 2013. As for the picks, I get the feeling that we're in the middle of another stretch of randomness evidenced by Sang Moon Bae's win last week which was only his second top ten finish of the year and his first since February. In other words, good luck.

This Week's Top Five
Hey Bailey, stop bitching and whining
all of the time and just be thankful.*

1. Charl Schwartzel
2. Tim Clark
3. Zach Johnson
4. Matt Kuchar
5. Ryan Palmer

Last Week's Report Card: C+

1. Jason Day - T27th
2. Matt Kuchar - T33
3. Jimmy Walker - T27th
4. Freddie Jacobsen - T17th
5. Ryan Palmer - T33

I didn't actually make any real picks last week but based on my Yahoo, Golf Channel and picks, that's probably what they would have looked like. You can tell from the mediocre results that I didn't make them up after the fact. I get the bump up to a C+ because all five made the cut even if none of them hit a televised shot on the weekend.


* That of course would be a reference to Party of Five, the mid-90's drama with perhaps the most depressing back story of all-time (five kids being raised by the oldest brother because their parents were killed by a drunk driver). It starred Matthew Fox (Lost) as the reluctant head of the family, Neve Campbell (Wild Things) as the oldest sister and Scott Wolf (nothing else of significance) as the perpetually angst-ridden Bailey who apparently never looked-up, noticed his girlfriend was Jennifer Love Hewitt and thought "holy crap have I out-kicked my coverage."

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