Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wyndham Preview

"Hey buddy, I get that you're
banged-up but could you stop
sticking the tweezers up my ass?!?"
We're going with a brief preview for the Wyndham today because the third perfect storm to hit Maryland in the past two months* knocked out my iMac last night and it turns out that trying to do actual work like drafting contracts and writing an internet column on an iPad is like trying to play Operation when you're hammered.

This is a bit anti-climactic for because my season of picking one player per week ended at the PGA Championship (hopefully more on that coming tomorrow**). Not to mention, the Wyndham finds itself in the somewhat awkward spot of being sandwiched between a major and the start of the FedEx Cup Playoffs meaning that a lot of guys don't show-up and you can't be too sure about the commitment of the ones that do. With that being said, if you're still playing at this point and have Jason Dufner at your disposal, use him. If not, pick one of these other guys. There endeth the preview. Like I said, "brief."

1. Jason Dufner
2. Carl Pettersson
3. Tim Clark
4. Ryan Moore
5. Webb Simpson


* I keep picturing Kevin Bacon in front of the stampede at the end of Animal House.

** Including an account of my annual trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge but it's not close to being ready and I am way too chafed right now at the prospect of a 19 year old kid with no social skills telling me that my $1,500 computer is now a small coffee table to finish writing it.

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