Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Playoff Preview Part 3

"We're not going to waste
OUR time picking longshots"
This thing got a little unwieldy so for picks 11-30, check out The Playoff Preview Part 2.  I will warn you that the top 10 are all favorites even though we know from experience that some schlub like Charley Hoffman or Heath Slocum is going to make it in there but I’m not going to waste OUR time by blindly throwing darts.  For you non-golf junkies, the rest of this is going to be a little dry and boring like a plain graham cracker. 

10. Webb Simpson: He’s playing some solid golf right now but most of his high finishes come when a lot of the next nine guys are not in the field.  He’s a year away.  (Wait, let’s see how many sports clich├ęs I can work in here).   

9. David Toms: We’re splitting hairs at this point as Toms could get hot and win this thing.  Just couldn’t bump him ahead of any of the next eight.

8. Luke Donald: He had ten Top 10’s in fourteen tournaments so you know he’s going to be in the mix.  

7. Matt Kuchar: He’s had solid playoff runs the last two years and seems to be getting on track after his only two missed cuts of the year. 

6. Charl Schwartzel: He had 9 Top 25 finishes in 13 tournaments and played his best when the field was strong so you have to like his chances.   

5. Nick Watney: He has as much game as anyone right now and he tied for 4th at East Lake last year.

4. Steve Stricker: The Sunday meltdown at the PGA Championship will have no effect on him because he never does anything in the majors and then he owns the playoffs.  To me that just means that he’s more nervous about winning a major than he is about winning money which makes him more likeable….if that’s possible.  

3. Sergio Garcia: He’s quietly having a solid season and I could see him winning one of the playoff tournaments.  I was actually starting to come around on Sergio and then I watched the highlights of the 1999 Ryder Cup where I can't believe one of the American players didn't beat him senseless with a bunker rake. 

2. Jason Day: Missing the cut at the PGA must have really chafed him and no one is more overdue for a win.   

"Hit it over there or I swear
I will break your arm."
1. Adam Scott: It pains me to say it because it’s going to kill my fantasy season but he’s at the top of his game right now and by “he” I mean Steve Williams.  If Adam Scott can just stay out of his way, they should bring home the cup.

So there it is.  One pseudo expert's semi-scientific analysis of the FedEx Cup.  The beautiful part is that if I shoot a complete air ball, you'll never hear about it again but if I'm right, I get to remove the "pseudo" from my title and double my appearance fees.      

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