Wednesday, June 7, 2023

The LIVGolf Takeover . . . er . . . Canadian Open Preview

This was going to be a light week as I had every intention of blowing off the Canadian Open while focusing on a fun secondary piece that synched-up well with a tournament north of the border. But in walked an elephant yesterday morning and I can't just ignore it. I mean it's standing right over there grazing on some. . . oh wait, a Saudi prince just shot it. Well technically it's still there so here are a few thoughts in some particular order.
  • This hostile takeover/complete rollover went down at least in part because continued litigation would have led to the availability of information revealing what many to believe is the fact that the PGA Tour is a complete sham of an operation. No company wants you to see how they make the sausage. Especially when said company is a "non-profit" with a commissioner who tools around in a private jet while making upwards of $15M a year. I guess paying your execs that kind of dough is one way not to make a profit. 
  • The announcement on the homepage includes the phrase "to promote and grow the game" which was arguably the most mock-worthy part of the whole LIVGolf shtick. If you have any doubt that the inclusion of that specific language was part of the negotiations, allow me to put that to rest. It was. Jay Monahan even had to spew that bullshit during the CNBC interview which I'm sure he prepared for by repeating the George Costanza mantra of "it's not a lie . . . if you believe it." 
  • The timing of this announcement like the timing of all prepared major announcements was carefully calculated. They waited until after Jack's tournament and are now going to let it overshadow Canada's national championship like a fucking alien mothership. If you don't think that Monahan and Yasir al-Rumayyan didn't have a hearty guffaw at the thought of dumping this on the Canadians, let me assure you. They did. 
  • Maybe the most surprising part of this whole thing is that Phil Mickelson probably knew it was coming yet was able to keep his yap shut about it. I would hate to speculate on how he was incentivized not to give away the game but we all know that his current employers have a reputation that precedes them. I'm sure the members of his inner circle breathed a sigh of relief yesterday.
So what does it all mean for you and me, the golf fans? Well as I randomly ranted about last week, the actual LIVGolf product is hot garbage so if any of that creeps into our viewing experience, then we lose. On the other hand, we get three of the best golfers in the world back along with a handful of other watchable players so that's good. But maybe the best part is going to be watching the divas and prima donnas assimilate into this new world while getting all chippy and spatty on Twitter ignoring all the while that it's their own collective greed that go us here.  


The TOTW was already going to be a tribute to The Wire on its 21st birthday but now it's more fitting than ever that we feature a clip from a show that was much about unexpected alliances of convenience between criminal organizations. 

"Man look the part be the part mutherfucker" . . . truer words never spoken more than those by Prop Joe. Excuse me. Coach Prop Joe. 

I mean honestly who cares? This was already going to be an impossible tournament to forecast with an above average field playing a new course but now I would simply recommend (a) don't pick Rory, and (b) do pick a bunch of Canadians. 

One and Done Pick: Corey Conners

Hey Corey how do you feel about
passing on that LIV cash now?
Other Guy I'd Pick: Tyrrell Hatton 

Sleeper Pick: Carson Young

DraftKings Top Ten Values

Tyrrell Hatton


Corey Conners


Shane Lowry


Adrian Meronk


Nick Taylor


Taylor Pendrith


David Lipsky


Ben Martin


Garrick Higgo


Carson Young


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