Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fantasy Golf: Match Play Update - Day 3

Thank you for trying sexy
cowgirl but I'm afraid that
I am beyond consoling.
Well if we stick to The Perfect Storm theme, the ship just went down with Hunter Mahan's overtime loss to Graeme McDowell after Mahan hit what would have been the winning eight foot putt on the 17th hole like he was afraid he was going to shatter the ball. This may just be a matter of my perception combined with greens that our obviously difficult to read, but man I've seen a lot of all or nothing putts that either lipped-out or broke away from the hole in the last few inches because they weren't hit firmly enough. With Mahan out and Matt Kuchar going down to Jordan Spieth, I no longer have a financial stake in this event so I hope you've enjoyed these updates while they lasted. It's now seventeen hours later and I can barely even muster the enthusiasm to search for some decor for this post but I'm going to do it anyway because, to paraphrase Judge Smails, I feel like I owwwwe it to you.

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