Friday, February 21, 2014

Fantasy Golf: Match Play Update - Day 2

The seas got a bit angrier for the FGR picks on Day 2 as only six of our picks made it to the sweet sixteen. If this were The Perfect Storm, we would have just lost our antennae and made a really bad decision about where to go look for more fish. However, we are not yet doomed as our winning pick, Hunter Mahan, earned a Friday tee time along with our projected winner of the Bobby Jones Bracket, Jason Day. So we still have a shot and, more importantly, Jason Dufner advanced as well meaning that the "Golf Gods Favor Players with Hot Wives" theory has yet to be disproved. I am treating this as a complete validation of the Fantasy Golf Report's mission (whatever that may beyond not making money for the writer).

Thanks to maybe the luckiest shot Ernie Els has ever hit in his life,* all of the #1 seeds are gone and CBS is now faced with a potential doomsday final four of George Coetzee, Jim Furyk, Jason Dufner and Victor Dubuisson.** If we get a Coetzee-Dubuisson final, we may be seeing the end of this tournament getting network coverage on the weekend. Unfortunately for CBS, Cinderella teams only work for March Madness and Victor Dubuisson ain't Florida Gulf Coast.***


Bring it home Kandi!!! The
integrity of the FGR's moral
compass is counting on you.
* If you didn't see it, imagine a skulled pitch shot by a 25 handicap that hits a mound to slow it down just enough to rip your heart out.

** Furyk is still a solid player but I firmly believe he was the inspiration for the DVR button that allows you to jump ahead 30 seconds. Through two rounds, he leads the field in opponents muttering "come on" under their breath.

*** And it's probably too late to re-target the advertising campaign for the middle aged French guy demographic. Not that you could even find enough American companies that make turtlenecks and cheese to fill all of the commercial spots.

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