Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm a Peacock!!!

After about three and a half years of cranking-out NFL picks ranging from the above-average (a 2013 regular season of 137-113-4) to the putrid (this season), it's time to pull the Fantasy Golf Report out of the lazy formulaic rut it has fallen into and hopefully get it back on the path of cutting edge, hard-hitting investigative journalism . . . or something. The bottom line is that I'm tired of coming-up with reasons why NFL Team A is going to beat NFL Team B by X amount of points for the same two reasons anyone gets tired of doing anything: (1) I suck at it and (2) I don't really care anymore. (The fact that I spent anytime deliberating over the eventual outcome of last week's Redskins-Bucs game is really quite pathetic when you think about it).

"Analyzing" games also means I have to come-up with a dozen or so ideas every week instead of just one and that results in me peddling information that sounds a lot like the "expert" crap that Schefty, Merril and Jaws are selling. And no one wants that, especially me. I'd rather write about things like why an NFL player who beats his kid doesn't generate the same amount of vitriol as one who beats his fiancĂ© (uh oh). I'm going to keep picking the games to finish what I started and maybe even get more involved again in January when they matter again but for now they'll just be a bunch of guesses at the bottom of the page (so really nothing's changed).   

Kansas City by 7 at Oakland: The Pick - Chiefs

In light of my stellar Thursday night record, how consistently well the Chiefs have been playing and how the Raiders are a lot closer to 0-16 than anyone wants to talk about (look at their remaining schedule and find me a win), I actually feel pretty good about this one. And just like that, I've said too much. Dammit!

Last Week's Record: 6-8 . . . Season Record: 76-85-1.

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